Saturday, June 28, 2008

ManageFirst graduates to travel to Italy in 2009

Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia announces plans to offer "ManageFirst Program" in Spring 2009. According to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation "The future of our industry lies in the hands of tomorrow's managers". "That's why the NRAEF developed the "NRAEF ManageFirst Program".

"The ManageFirst Program includes a set of competency guides, exams instructor resources, certificates, a new credential, and support activities and services. By participating in the program, you are demonstrating your commitment to becoming a highly qualified professional either preparing to begin or to advance your career in the restaurant, hospitality, and food service industry".

The competency guides cover a broad range of topics ; Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Controlling Foodservice Costs, Human Resources Management and Supervision, ServSafe@FoodSafety ,Managerial Accounting, Customer Service, Food Production, and more. "To earn the NRAEF's new credential, you will be required to pass four core exams and one foundation exam(to be chosen from the remaining program topics) and to document your work experience in the restaurant and food service industry".

Chef Brown plans to begin offering the "ManageFirst" courses in the spring of 2009,as a consultant. He would like to offer them at the local Community College where the students can then qualify for scholarships form the "National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC". Chef Brown says, "I plan to travel to Italy in 2009, and I will have a drawing to take one or two of my ServSafe Certification Graduates with me".

Chef Brown will have a drawing at the end of 2008 to determine who that will be. You must also sign-up for at least one ManageFirst class, or indicate your intent to do so (by advance payment), prior to the end of 2008. You should also indicate the location where you prefer taking the class, Charlottesville, Culpeper, or Fredericksburg, VA. You can find out more about the NRAEF ManageFirst Program at .

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