Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tom Hamelman, ServSafe@ Online Student scores big

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia congradulates online student for making one of our highest scores. The ServSafe@ Course from the National Restaurant Associations Solutions, LLC can be taken on line at , but the student must still find someone to proctor the exam.

Tom Hamelman, a Culinary Arts Instructor at Jackson River Technical Center in Covington, VA recently took the class and made the best score ever for an online student with Chef Brown. While we can not give out his score, we are proud of the fact that he traveled so far (Roanoke to Charlottesville), and did so well.

We have had only one other person to make such a bold commitment to food safety excellence. Last year Wanda Serrano, Registered Instructor who now teaches the course in Spanish , traveled form Philadelphia, Pa. Wanda earned the same high score on the print based version of the exam.

Tom took the Instructor version of the course, so anyone in the South-Western Virginia area who needs the ServSafe Manager Certification course should definitely contact him. Thanks again Tom Hamelman, and the Jackson River Technical Center for your commitment to keeping the public safe by teaching your students good food safety practices.