Thursday, April 28, 2011

RBCI / promotes Chef Marisa Churchill's new book

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia welcomes the request by "Celebrity Top Pastry Chef Marisa Churchill to promote her new book, "Sweet & Skinny".

We are always looking for ways to promote good, safe, and healthy foods. Chef Marisa's new book is a culinary delight for those who are trying to find a way to cure their "sweet tooth", and stay healthy.

Chef Marisa appeared on the popular "Food Network Show" to face what was billed as "the Ultimate Cook Off" of the nations Top Pastry Chefs. She is now touring the country appearing on other local TV shows and demonstrating her secret recipes. Those of us who are diabetic know how invaluable a book like this can be.

We wish her much success in her career as a "Top Celebrity Chef", and author; may she write many more books. Look for "Sweet & Skinny" in your local bookstores like Barnes & Noble, or go to

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RBC thanks the "Building Goodness Foundation"

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia would like to "Praise God",and thank the Building Goodness Foundation for the "Build Day" work of the UVa Darden Business School Students.

Scores of students from the Darden School and other Charlottesville community volunteers showed up to give the Holy Temple Church a face lift on Sat, April 9, 3011. The effort was coordinated by Rev Ralph Brown Sr, who also had his home renovated on "Build Day". His home and the Holy Temple Church were both built by his father the late Rev C H Brown. Brown also built the Econo Lodge Hotel near the University's John Paul Jones Arena, and over one hundred other homes in Charlottesville.

This is the second time the UVa Darden students have worked with Rev Ralph Brown to work at the Holy Temple Church. In 1996 after the death of his father, then Chef Brown had the Kitchen and basement dinning area upgraded for a Prepared and Perishable Foods outreach program. Under the direction of the local Health Department the small church kitchen was brought into code requirements. Thanks to our friends in the Charlottesville Community for always showing up when we need them most.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Food Safety Discounts/ "Extended to May 2011"

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia announces "buy one, get one free" discounts extended through May 31,2011. That's right just sign up one person for our food safety class, "buy books with the exam sheet attached for both of you, and you only pay the $100 registration fee for the one person. However, you must buy the textbooks from RBCI, and donate both books back after the class is over. If you have more than two people, just repeat the process with each person you sign up.

Registering now means your discount is good up to one year, so if you are not ready to take the class that's OK. Just choose another month that is more convenient for you and/or your staff person. Also you don't have to be in the same class unless that is your choice. The discount program applies to any class taught by our President, Chef Ralph Brown, Sr until December 31, 2011. Sign up today, just scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the prompts.

Chef Ralph Brown, Sr is a Registered ServSafe@ Instructor and Exam Proctor for the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation's / NRA Solutions, LLC, ( . He is also has "Active Chef" member status with the ACF (American Culinary Federation) & Blue Ridge Chef's Association.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Congratulations to Keith Reid /now /ServSafe@ Certified

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia congratulates Keith Reid. Keith is one of the proud graduates of the March 2011 ServSafe@ Food Safety class. Keith attended Culinary School in Baltimore,and is the youngest person to take our class in a long time.

March was the first month we held classes at the "Center for Non-profit Excellence", where we are now members. We are glad to be there with all of the state-of-the arts equipment and resources at our disposal. We really appreciate the kind and always friendly welcome we receive from the staff. So we gladly say, thank you Keith, and thank you CNE for creating a great environment for success.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Royal Indian Restaurant / "Coming Soon".

In the space that was formerly Tiffany's Seafood the Royal Indian Restaurant owners are working hard daily renovating and putting the finishing touches on what will be a superb dining experience.

They have also doubled their commitment to handling food safely by both "husband and wife" enrolling in our class. This is a first for us, but we look forward to serving this couple in their own native language of "Hindi", & English.

The ServSafe@ Manager Certification course is offered in a number of different languages, and when necessary an interpreter can be used. We look forward to the "Grand Opening" of the new Royal Indian Restaurant. The last time we served them,we had their son in our food safety class in 2008.

St Anne's Belfield School/ one more "for good measure"

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia is proud to congratulate St Anne's for adding one more Certified Sous Chef to their staff.

Last year the Executive Chef and his Sous Chef were ServSafe@ Certified with high marks at RBCI. Well, "add one more for good measure" in 2011 with the passing of another Chef in our class last month. Thank you again St Anne's Belfield School for your continued commitment to excellence.

"Located near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, St. Anne"s-Belfield offers a strong college preparatory program under the tutelage of bright and caring teachers. Small class size encourages each student to be an active participant in his education. A variety of clubs, community service as well as art athletics complete the St. Anne's Belfield experience." ( .