Monday, April 27, 2009

Farmington Country Club : Mission Statement

The Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia proudly serves the Farmington Country Club.

"Farmington Country Club is a traditional, family-oriented private club with a proud history, rich traditions, and commitment to the customs of southern hospitality and gracious living"

Last month Chef Brown proudly served as the ServSafe Instructor for the Executive Chef of the Farmington Country Club. The Executive Chef intends to become a ServSafe Instructor himself, and administers the class to as many persons on his staff as he deems necessary. While this may bring about some competition for Chef Brown in the Charlottesville market.

Our attitude is "bring it on", ServSafe@ Food Safety is a good tradition for the Farmington Country Club to add to it's many other fine traditions. Congratulations to the Management, Staff and the Executive Chef of the Farmington Country Club, ServSafe Manager Certification from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation was an excellent choice.

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