Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yolanda at Taco Bell/ Taco Bell

The Staff here at the Center for faith-based and community learning located in Charlottesville, Virginia would like to thank Yolanda Jackson for letting us serve by helping her get ServSafe Certified. We are so proud of Yolanda for her strong spirit, work ethic, and her willingness to arrive early and stay late.

That is exactly what Yolanda (age 27,mother of 5), did last month to get herself re-certified in ServSafe Food Safety. Yolanda a Manager at the Taco Bell in Fredericksburg, VA arrived early at the site and took a nap on the desk waiting for Chef Brown. Then at the close of the day prior to test time she had to leave and pick up two of her kids from day care. She came back, took the test and failed it by four points.

Showing that she is not a quiter, she paid herself to take the test again (two weeks later), and passed by a considerable margin. This was at the close of a work day, twelve hour shift. Always smiling, she showed true courage, and self confidence in her commitment to excellence for us and her employer Taco Bell. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you Yolanda Jackson

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